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Seeking Market Reporters!

Dear Farmers’ Market Enthusiasts,

Thank you for your continued support of What is Fresh!  We’ve been busy making many updates (some behind the scenes and some visible) to make your user experience as smooth as possible.  We hope you find the site helpful.

Mike is working on streamlining the user experience for both vendors and consumers. I am setting up a full summer schedule of farmer interviews and continuing my series of product and market profiles.

It’s now mid-May and new fruits and vegetables are popping up at the market every day.  As Spring turns into Summer, the markets will be overflowing with produce.  We need help relaying what is available, what is ‘especially’ good, and if any farmers have something extra at the market that day.

That’s where YOU can help us.

We are looking for Farmers’ Market Reporters at the local New York and Brooklyn farmers’ markets.


Do you have a neighborhood market that you go to regularly?  Well, we need your knowledge of that market!  We are looking for your weekly updates (preferably on the day of the market) of what is available, what looks especially fresh, what vendors are absent at the market, etc.


1)    Email us your name and the market you’d like to report for. 
2)    Then, we will be in touch with extra details.  Our goal is to give market goers relevant and up-to-date information, without impeding on your life!  We can discuss which reporting method is easiest for you (email, text message etc).

Time Commitment: 

5 minutes, once a week!  Since going to the Greenmarket is already part of your weekly schedule, this should fit right in.  We’ll work with you to make sending your updates be as quick and easy a process as possible!
We look forward to working with you!

Thank you,

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